Sunday, March 23, 2014

audio terrorism, alright.

this is the most frightening thing i have ever heard.
i listen to it in my flat by myself and the half-female half- hawk vocals leave me more sleepless than a hit of meth.
and yet i listen to it repeatedly.
despite not being catchy at all, the track quartz lodged itself into my brain.
i love the julee cruise direction taken by the second track.
very solid, david lynchian release.
i love stylss.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

yada yada yada.

after a few mdma-fueled holidays, a week of rain and a bout of chlamydia...spring is almost here. hooray for that. not that this winter in dtla was the miserable series of record breaking lows of last year. and i, personally, enjoy a few days of rain to allow myself time to cuddle the dog, listen to soundcloud for hours on end and eat endless sweets like skors bars, pretzel m+ms & mint aero bars.